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Dear Editor:
The latest National Immigration Forum (NIF) press release states it is essential to, "...give these hard working immigrants without papers a path towards legal status and citizenship...". Pardon me, but --- essential to whom? And at whose and what cost?  Is "hard working" now a legal defense or reason to nullify criminal behavior which also precludes our rule of law? Have past amnesties or legalizations diminished the flood of illegal entry and questionable "legal" entry? Why is the more vigorous application of deportation of illegals "not possible or desirable"? Why should citizenship be cheapened by granting it to those who willingly and arrogantly defied our sovereignty and entry laws? How is a critical cohesiveness of society achieved with such counterfeit measures? How is essential respect generated between new migrants and existing citizens with unearned, manipulated and/or stolen legal status? Why are advocates of such divisive policies under the guise of "human rights", diversity or multiculturalism not concerned with the superior rights of our own citizens over xenomania in favor of foreigners? Why are not those who pursue such dilution and/or deception condemed as foolish at best and treasonous at worst? Why should citizens not be concerned about ulterior motives of excessive immigrant advocates including the direct threats by radical groups? Why do apologists always refer to illegal aliens as undocumented? Should bank robbing now be referred to as unauthorized withdrawals to allow for dignity, or legalized to bring these hard workers out of the shadows? Are such efforts wrapped in phony charitable motives merely to disguise crass self interest including more tax revenue or bottom line profit? Why is it assumed that illegals are all of upstanding character engaged in positive endeavors when they have already demonstrated a criminal mindset and many continue the behavior? What kind of society will be the result of such "citizens"? With the recent outbreak of many strange, foreign diseases, who can justify any immigration except the limited and controlled variety? In view of past, excessive immigration and present terrorist and health concerns, would not a 5 year "time out" period be in order? Why do foreigners believe they can decide to come here imposing their will upon US? How is security achieved when miles of our borders can be violated at will? Why are we paying for secure borders in Afghanistan and Israel and not here? Why does NIF claim we must legalize criminals in order to secure our borders??? All Americans deserve answers to these questions and many others, not press release propaganda and pandering by politicians and special interests. On this Memorial Day weekend, Americans need to ponder the legacy and nature of the society we are creating for posterity and to consider if it equals or is even worthy to be compared to that which previous generations sacrificed mightily for US. One does not have to be a Bible believer to appreciate the following wisdom:  "He that worketh deceit shall not dwell within my house..." (Psalms 101:7) and, "Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that entereth not by the door into the sheepfold, but climbeth up some other way, the same is a thief and a robber."  (John 10:1)      

R. L. Ranger