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Dear Editor:
In the wake of the latest terrorist attacks, al-Quaida is plotting to send operatives to the US mainland to plan new attacks, as the following article from Newsmax describes ( The article states that "reconnaissance scouts sent by al-Qaida to the U.S. mainland have been intercepted and detained, according to the Associated Press." These successful interdiction of suspect terrorists don't make the daily news because they go on behind the scene, thus showing the effectiveness of our war against terrorism on the homefront. However, it's scary that al-Quaida and other terrorist organizations are still doing whatever they can, including slipping people through our ports, to kill more of us. That's why more and more Americans welcome special registration or other BCIS effort to especially scrutinize Islamic male visitors. It's simply common sense. It's not racist to single out this specific group of people, contrary to the glib-ACLU-civil-liberties argument thrown out on ILW.COM by various writers. By the way, to some naysayers on ILW.COM who complain that WorldNetDaily and Newsmax are "right-wing" sites, these sites simply report what intelligence experts and officials are saying, including on mainstream respectable shows such as "Face the Nation", or reported by the AP. Also, as columnist Michelle Malkin reported, the National Security Entry-Exit Registration System has "has stopped 330 known foreign criminals and nearly a dozen known terrorists from entering the country." Wow. Good job. I would never have known this if I didn't have another immigration news outlet besides ILW.COM. Looks like special registration was and is working beautifully. On ILW.COM, though, it seems as if the sky is falling and in the near future we'll all be living in concentration camps overseen by Camp-meister Ashcroft.

Liem Doan, Esq.

Editor's Note: Immigration Daily has carried links to various WorldNet Daily items from time to time.