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[Congressional Record: May 14, 2003 (Senate)]
[Page S6253-S6255]
From the Congressional Record Online via GPO Access []

                        PETITIONS AND MEMORIALS

  The following petitions and memorials were laid before the Senate and 
were referred or ordered to lie on the table as indicated:

[ ... ]

       POM-103. A resolution adopted by the House of 
     Representatives of the State of Arizona relative to border 
     security; to the Committee on the Judiciary.

                          House Memorial 2001

       Whereas, illegal immigration has reached record levels, 
     with some estimates placing the overall illegal immigrant 
     population at between five and ten million individuals. This 
     results in annual costs to society estimated in the billions 
     of dollars due to the extra funds spent on education, health 
     care, welfare and corrections programs; and
       Whereas, the nation's border states, including Arizona, are 
     particularly hard hit by the influx of illegal immigrants 
     across their borders. Among the more serious problems that 
     accompany illegal immigration are increased drug smuggling 
     and crime; and
       Whereas, this state does not condone the illegal 
     immigration of individuals into this country and it supports 
     the efforts of the United States Immigration and 
     Naturalization Service (INS) and its enforcement arm, the 
     Border Patrol, to vigorously enforce the immigration laws of 
     this country; and
       Whereas, while the INS and Border Patrol are charged with 
     enforcing current immigration laws, those laws do not go far 
     enough toward preventing the illegal entry of immigrants into 
     this country, requiring border states to rely on their own 
     resources to combat this growing problem; and
       Whereas, state resources would be less strained in the 
     fight against illegal immigration by the provision of federal 
     funds to increase border patrol measures in border states. 
     Further, congressional action to expand the scope of the 
     Posse Comitatus Act to allow greater military involvement in 
     the patrolling of United States borders would give states 
     much-needed assistance in preventing the entry of illegal 
     immigrants and in fighting terrorism, drug smuggling and 
     crime problems; and
       Whereas, article IV, section 4 of the Constitution of the 
     United States provides that ``The United States shall 
     guarantee to every State in this Union a Republic Form of 
     Government, and shall protect each of them against 
     Invasion.'' This confirmation of our national sovereignty 
     validates this request for additional resources to protect 
     our borders from illegal immigration and the harmful crime 
     and drug problems that accompany it.
	 [ ... ]
	 [ End ]