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Dear Editor:
One has to wonder about the objectivity and therefore the conclusions of the National Immigration Forum press release. It would be surprising to find anyone working for a Ford dealership, and profiting therefrom, to be touting anything but Fords. With the job description requirements of NIF employees, the preposterous conclusion that the Texas deaths of 18 illegal aliens in a truck can be blamed upon restrictive entry policies is to be be expected, if still outrageous. It is not immigration laws that need to be liberalized to meet the "reality of people seeking opportunity and employers who want to hire them". Immigration laws are already too lax and liberal according to citizen polls. It is the mindset of the special interests and illegal immigrants who must face the reality of our sovereignty and laws. They can't arrogantly decide to come here illegally and then blame US when something goes wrong. We don't want and can't take all of the people in Mexico or the World who might want to live here. This is the fact that illegals and employers seeking profits by forcing taxpayers to subsidize many costs of illegals need to face. And all do not come here for honest work, but some for drug dealing, car stealing, welfare fraud and other criminal and terrorist activities. The true lesson from these kinds of tragic deaths is that those who encourage illegal entry share the blame by endorsing and/or creating the conditions that draw them here. The solution to banks being robbed is not to legalize bank robbing to bring "order" and "safety" to this illegal activity and to bring "hard working" bank robbers "out of the shadows" "legally and with dignity" or to proclaim amnesty for past crimes. Illegal entry is a crime. What part of this is difficult to understand? Immigration reform is needed, but it should be far more restrictive than the current massive invasion.

R. L. Ranger