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Dear Editor:
For all the good it will do, let me point out once again, that we have been there and done that amnesty thing. Remember the 1986 amnesty law? I recall hearing how much better off the US would be when illegals were "out of the shadows" and we could track them as well as finally control our borders. Well, someone forgot to tell the illegals that we are in control because they continue to pour across our borders like there is no tomorrow. Why wouldn't they? Anyone with any sense should have known (and probably did if they would be honest) that rewarding people for breaking the law just encourages more people to break that law in hopes of someday getting the same reward. Unfortunately, if the bleeding heart liberals get their way, that is exactly what will happen. When does it end? It is time that Congress as well as the President hear from those of us who believe that right is right and the idea of another amnesty simply isn't right. There should be rewards for those who follow the rules and enter legally and there should be no rewards for those who choose to break the law. Anything less than a firm policy that upholds the immigration laws will just bring us back to this seemingly endless debate in another few years. Those who refuse to learn from history are doomed to repeat it, this has certainly proven true with the amnesty argument, it didn't work in 1986 and it won't work now.