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Dear Editor:
It appears that ILW.COM chose to ignore my letter attached below, and mentioned only the 3 ones that you published in today's Immigration Daily. If I said anything that offended you, I apologize. I will continue appreciating your effort in informing the public.

I agree with you that 250 billion dollars is alot of money. I also believe that is why the government keeps quiet about the millions of illegal immigrants. It is because that much money does not need to be counted with the ones to be paid back to the retired Americans, necessarily. They can use it to do whatever they feel like such as tax breaks, etc...

When you mentioned: " just to point out the enormity of the numbers. Lets see what a quarter trillion means - it means $250 million million " I noticed a possible typo. I would like to help with the math that 1/4 trillion is 1 trillion divided by 4 or 250 billion. In that case 250 billion is the equivalent to 250 million times a thousand or 250 thousand times a million. In case that you were trying to say 250 trillion dollars, in that case it would be right : 250 million X 1000 X 1000 = 250 million X 1 million or 250 million million = 250 trillion.


Editor's Note: Please see Editor's Comments above.