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Dear Editor:
I beg to differ with SJD in his letter that the US government is somehow violating US immigration law in admitting Mohamed Al Rahaief. The gentleman helped thwart a crime punishable under US law, the torture of a US servicewoman, and as such he is eligible under a number of established visa categories (like those under the Rewards for Justice Program). Like many legal immigrants to the US, I am always pleased to see the country admitting more people who will go the extra mile to defend truth, justice and the American way but get steamed by attempts to blur the line between people who play by the rules to get here and those who not only break those rules but also claim they are entitled to the precious gift of American citizenship. Mr. Rahaief really earned his ticket to citizenship. It often seems that most people who are born here get so caught up in the normal frustrations and feuds of life that they don't realize how much better it is over here and fall prey to some weird guilt trip for having been born lucky enough to be here by right. I may well be reading too much into SJD's letter, but I almost detect a bit of that in his letter. If so, I apologize, but if not, I urge him to take a deep breath and relax by looking at the big picture and realizing that even with individual setbacks like Ms. Katrin Michael's, they are rarely as tragic as they seem (after all, even assuming she was wrongfully denied immigrant status, she has a much better country to return to now - not like the warring East German wanna be state she left and her Kurdish corner of it is safer than it has been in years).

Honza J. F. Prchal, Esq.
Birmingham, AL