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Dear Editor:
Obviously, "Chucky" has an ax to grind with lawyers. I wonder if he has the same chip on his shoulders toward, doctors, or for that matter does he shave his head so he won't have to go to a barber? The truth is, lawyers serve their client and immigration lawyers' clients are immigrants. AILA serves immigration lawyers, but also serves as a counter balance to the far right wing anti-immigrationists. Chucky must understand that ILW.COM is a publication that provides a service to lawyers and laymen alike, by offering cutting edge articles and timely news clips that keep us all informed. It appears that, ILW.COM provides readers, on both sides of the immigration issues, to express their views. ILW.COM does not have to do this - I assume they do it to spark a debate of the issues and to make their publication interesting. This seems clear from the vigorous debates over the past year in ILW.COM's letters to the Editor to which Richard Baer, The Lone Ranger and others have contributed, but which now, sadly, have pretty well fizzled to an argument over whether Ali Alexander's statistical claims about taxes are accurate - the kind of debate that is about as relevant as how many elephants can fit on the head of the Director of Homeland Security. Chucky must also understand that there is room in this world for all points of view and all professions, and that the immigration problems facing our nation are not going to disappear just because he may have a particular point of view. The trick is, how do we make the immigration system work for the betterment of the US? Maybe Chucky can tell us.

David D. Murray, Esq.
Newport Beach, CA