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Dear Editor:
I don't know where Ali Alexander gets his statistics or his information, or his qualification to pontificate about immigration law, procedure and problems - except, of course, his First Amendment right to express himself. But that alone does not make for good reading in a serious immigration oriented publication like ILW.COM. Mr. Alexander, after criticizing AILA (of which he is not a member, nor, I believe, qualified to be a member) for not citing the source of their statistics. Mr. Alexander then goes on to say, "It's true that many immigrants do pull their own weight in the US, and more. But it is also true that many do not. In the aggregate, they are not. The US needs to examine what it expects from its immigrant population, and what it is willing to pay, not only in terms of dollars and cents, but in terms of social cohesion." Evidently, in Mr. Alexander's opinion, the US is worse off "in terms of dollars and cents" as well as in "terms of social cohesion", for having immigrants in this country, a view with which I heartily disagree. And, I believe that if Mr. Alexander read what he wrote, he would also heartily disagree, for like the rest of us, if it were not for the immigration laws of the US, Mr. Alexander would not be here to express his First Amendment opinions. In fact, it is the amalgamation of the melting pot that makes America great. I will venture to guess that there are more natural born Americans abusing the welfare rolls of America than aliens, documented or not. And I believe the weary immigration statistics that I have been reading for (I venture to guess) since about the time Mr. Alexander was born, bear this out a hundred times over. The bottom line is: The argument should not be pro or contra immigration, but how we can make immigration work to the benefit of the US, and how we can make the bureaucracy of the former INS work under its new "reorganization" in the Department of Homeland Security. I, for one, would like to see more opinions expressed in ILW.COM letters to the editor that address those issues.

David D. Murray, Esq.
Newport Beach, CA