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Dear Editor:
Deportation of illegals should be vigorously pursued despite Mr. Baer's claim that it would take 1150 years. My "one at a time" comment made no mention of a one per hour rate and certainly that rate could be considerably improved. It is not the ability to deport, but the will that is problematical. Name not supplied (3/24) eloquently points out the highly selective compassion of those who unrealistically, look towards idealistic poems, novels, inscriptions or other such as a basis for immigration policies today. While not denying that compassion is a virtue, it can also used as a ploy and tactic to justify a position or goal. But why should even a sincere compassion for noncitizens take precedent over that of our own citizens? Are US citizens now expected to sacrifice our goals, concerns, lifestyles as well as tax money to the teeming masses of the world? If so, the "American dream" has become a nightmare and the "golden door" a prison gate, at least for them. While the generosity of Americans including their entry policies exceeds that of any nation, there must be strict limits as others now take advantage of liberal policies, some of them terrorists and radicals. Advocates who are unable to place America's security, concerns and needs above those of foreigners may be the foremost argument against the many illusory, promised benefits of migration as it demonstrates that the essential process of assimilation remains extremely difficult. What becomes of American heritage and culture if our future is an unassimilated polyglot of peoples? Why should Mexicans arrogantly assume unlimited numbers can come here, furthering the Aztlan agenda? Over the first century of US history, we received about two immigrants a day. Today, the rate is over two every minute not including illegals. Over 1.3 million new legal immigrants and over 1.5 million illegal aliens come here every year. The Mexican population in the US is now over 25 million, many of whom have dual citizenship and are viewed by some as reclaiming the lands they "lost" (sold). While a sincere compassion is virtuous, it is also true that "no man can serve two masters" and that we should care for our own. Allegiance, liberty, sovereignty, self-interest, immigration limits and defense with regards to America and its citizens are equally valid attributes and required for our survival. To diminish or destroy any of these by excessive, misguided compassion and immigration policies is foolish at best and treasonous at worst.

R. L. Ranger

Immigration Daily: the news source for
legal professionals. Free! Join 35000+ readers
Enter your email address here: