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Dear Editor:
If Mr. Baer's method of returning "millions" of Mexican immigrants is in a manner that would be less disruptive than deportation, I would applaud that. My general recommendations did not preclude various ways to control immigration numbers and was not limited to deportation. But further hyperbole in comparing an orderly, safe deportation with WWII internment camps or Nazi atrocities is inexcusable and excessive concern for immigrants can only come at the expense of our citizen's interests which have long been ignored with such attitudes. Even with other methods of reduction, deportation must become a more viable sanction with local law enforcement assisting. Why would this be an "utter impossibility" except to those against it? Illegals that came one at a time can return the same way, many by bus. Any problems in doing that can be added to the already long list their illegality causes and billed to the country of origin. In response to Mr. Baer's query, what is needed are policies for drastic reductions of immigrants to be implemented now, not "compromise". Fire, when limited and contained, is generally beneficial, but when out of control, is highly destructive. Our situation is far more serious that some realize. The Southwestern states are "ablaze" and well on the path to becoming the hoped for Aztlan of Mexican radicals. In this goal, even nonradicals just "looking for a better life" contribute to the numbers needed. There has been much controversy here and nationally regarding the war with Iraq. Iraq has not illeglly invaded the US by the millions, busting our budgets and diluting our culture, nor proclaimed their intent to take territories. Mexico has long done all of these and is doing them now. It is by our own myopic policies and those who uphold them that allows this. Weapons of mass invasion are just as damaging as weapons of mass destruction.

R. L. Ranger

Immigration Daily: the news source for
legal professionals. Free! Join 35000+ readers
Enter your email address here: