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Dear Editor:
I appreciate your comments on the war. I am amazed at the vitriol of those who are so engrossed in their hatred of the President that they make common cause with the Patrick Buchanans and David Dukes of the world in turning their backs on the long-suffering people of Iraq and the reality of the dangers inherent in allowing this regime to go unchecked. Paying for homicide bombings, providing safe harbor for the training of terrorists, throwing Iraqi citizens into shredders and forcing others to watch as they die a screamingly painful and horrible death, applying torture and rape and torture of family members and children to the citizenry, gassing and murdering their own people, intentionally positioning combatants and war materials in the midst of civilians to use them as human shields in violation of the Geneva Conventions to which the country is a signatory, threatening the lives of families if scientists cooperate with the UN investigators, all this is apprently less distasteful than admitting that President Bush could be right. Of course, there are those who would tell you these folks are not worth the effort, since they are not whites of European descent, just as there were those who vociferously opposed entry in WW2, after all it was only Jews thought to be at risk then. (Then again, by the time the threat was recognized as having wider dimensions, and was addressed, it also was harder to overcome.) Is this really the company one wants to keep? I think not. War is never an easy answer. But the question here was not "War on not?" but "What kind of war and on whose terms?" And the issue mysteriously shifted from Iraq's failure to keep the terms of the peace to which it was a party to a deadly game of hide and seek, emboldening those who seek dominion through terrorism. Much as the current action disturbs me, I do not see the alternative as a better choice. Support the President and our troops? Definitely.

Name Not Supplied