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Dear Editor:
I have read, with great interest, the continuing debate about what, if anything, should be done about the millions of illegal aliens that are present in this country and continue to flow into this country. I must, finally, strongly object to the thread, most recently expanded upon by R. E. Baer, equating enforcement of existing US immigration laws to the institutional slaughter of millions of German citizens carried out by Nazi Germany. Setting aside the obvious difference that many of the Jews and other victims of the Holocaust were lawfully in Germany until the rise of Hitler, this analogy does nothing to enhance intelligent, reasoned and thoughtful debate. It instead denigrates the memories of those that died in those camps and those that died defending freedom. I will, however, give R.E. Baer credit for raising questions as to the practicability of deporting the illegal aliens who presently reside here. Further, during the entire debate regarding immigration reform, I have found the emotional appeals to leave the illegal immigrants alone to be disingenuous. One would think, apparently incorrectly, that those who are seeking to protect the illegal immigrants from the US government, would be at least as concerned about the working conditions experienced by those who are within our borders. We have all met "undocumented workers" who work for wages below the minimum wage and in conditions that fail to meet OSHA standards. Why does the seemingly obvious solution of ending illegal immigration and ensuring that all who come here are protected by the laws of this country? Why is there an apparent lack of concern for the health and safety of those who do make their lives here, albeit without the permission of the US government?

Name not supplied