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Dear Editor:
Deportation is the method Mr. Ranger can advocate for use in his final solution; but the method needs a plan to carry it out. Just how would one carry out the mass deportation of some eight to ten million undocumented immigrants now in this country? In WWII, ten large permanent detention (concentration) facilities plus many more temporary ones were needed to round up and detain just some 120,000 Japanese-American detainees, referred to at the time as “enemy aliens”. The Nazi used this very same Dachau concentration camp together with the Auschwitz concentration camp in their “final solution” for eliminating over 6,000,000 Jews, Gypsies, homosexuals and other non-conformists. They soon found these facilities weren’t sufficient so they had to resort to gas chamber killings and cremations to empty out the camps when full to make room for more detainees. Extermination was their “final solution”. If the Nazi, as efficient as Germans are, were overwhelmed with the handling of 6,000,000 detainees, how can over 10,000,000 detainees for deportation be handled? How to handle just the logistics of the round up, the setting up of concentration camps, the commandeering of all of the railroad cattle cars and boxcars, buses and trucks need to handle this multitude of people? What can be done with the many, many immigrants who have no place to return to? Mr. Ranger gives me credit for my proposal to reduce the number of Mexican immigrants in the country. Enactment of my proposal would reduce the numbers of these immigrants by millions, something he wants; and allow these millions to be reunited with their loved ones after so many years away, something I want. We can compromise on this. I go through the above scenario to impress upon readers the utter impossibility of mass deportation as a "final solution" to the ills of immigration. 10,000,000 immigrants are almost 100 times the number of Japanese-Americans detained in WWII, and two times the number of Holocaust victims exterminated by Nazi Germany. A plan is needed not just a method.

R.E. Baer