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Dear Editor:
ILW.COM's recent editorial employs extremely circuitous and unpersuasive reasoning. Yesterday's editor's comments reasons that this war will benefit immigrants by: 1) eliminating the possibility of future spurious "anti-terrorist" scapegoating, by destroying a government which has little direct link to terrorism, but which is perceived by some bigots as doing so, and is then spuriously invoked as an excuse for their bigotry. 2) position the US in a wonderfully to eliminate terrorism, by threatening further invasions of Syria and Iran -- thereby dissuading them from sponsoring future terrorism. 3) terrorizing every other nation in the world with the threat of invasion, so that no nation will dare sponsor terrorism in the future. 4) establish a new atmosphere of security and wellbeing within the US, which will render the US public immune to terrorism-focused demagoggery. Any security or acceptance this editorial buys is illusory. Yes - by offering up your "left" credibility as a prominant immigration advocate, you may well reserve yourself a favored seat on a spuriously "patriotic" militarist establishment bandwagon. Do you want to follow the path of those who betrayed progressive struggles during the McCarthy era? Well then, snuggle up - because it's going to be a twisted and chilling ride. Please don't do immigrants any "favors" at the expense of the hapless civilians and cannon fodder Bush et. al. are currently poised to slaughter and maim. Leave that to clearminded, unconflicted fascists like Richard Perles, Jesse Helms and Dick Cheney.

David Hoffman, Humanity Check Iinterfaith Peace and Reconciliation Project Coordinator
Santa Rosa, CA

Immigration Daily: the news source for
legal professionals. Free! Join 35000+ readers
Enter your email address here: