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Dear Editor:
Is it only me or do the March 19th letters from Mr. Frecker, Mr. Prchal and Mr. Alexander come across as substantive, well reasoned, factual and make good points, while Mr. Baer's and Justin's letters do not. Both of them comment on my "solutions" letter of 3/18 and both of them make out of context statements as Mr. Frecker also commented upon. Justin claims I made a statement about keeping out all Mexicans and Mr. Baer comments that no solutions were offered. No solutions were offered that he cared for would be more truthful. While I give him credit for his proposal to reduce numbers, he lost me with his dam analogy at the border. Most of the "pressure" of immigration results from accommodating their interests instead of ours, which my letter discussed. If deportation isn't a "final solution", what is? He endorses Gary Endelman's earned legalization proposal which might have some merit if this were 1965 and we had not experienced decades of far too many immigrants with Mexico being the big offender. Much of that excess should be deported, not rewarded with defacto amnesty in disguise. Many airlines have first and coach classes. Both are treated respectfully. If one does not qualify for the higher class, that is denied until the price is paid. We have all kinds of classes in insurance, education and many other areas, and were it not for the problems of mass immigration, such a solution of a Class A and Class B citizenship categories would not be needed. The price for citizenship has been set too low and to grant it to illegals is unwise. The opposite should be done. No application for citizenship should be taken except from those residing in their country for at least one year. This one thing would remove the "pressure" to come. Policies should protect our citizen's interests, not those of non-citizens. I see in ILW.COM's 3/19 editorial that ILW.COM is still referring to those who advocate a lower rate of immigration as "anti-immigration" and now, "anti-American" as well. While the former is still inaccurate, the latter term is also a slur not unlike those of bigot or racist. This is not only unfair, but the opposite is more truthful. With unprecedented immigration today and the dire projections, it is those who refuse to admit the problems of mass invasion and accept much lower and controlled entry parameters that are hurting America.

R. L. Ranger