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Dear Editor:
In his inquisitive nature, David Murray must realize he has posed a Herculean question that can hardly be resolved by one person in a few words as many are struggling with the immigration issue. Other groups and individuals including Ali Alexander have displayed a realistic approach to the problems. Many websites have a tremendous amount of informative material and valid opinions on this topic as well. The sincere individual seeking answers to Murray's question could increase perspective at,,, and Basic concepts involved are clarified at in the classic essay, "The Law". The definition of a "final resolution" would vary with the person or group. Because immigration has been excessive for decades, I believe a case can be made for a "time out" or extremely limited and selected numbers. I believe absolute air, land and sea border control should be our top priority in the "terrorism war". A vigorous program of deportation of illegal aliens is essential. The "laws" that force Americans (slavery) to educate, medicate, support, relocate, accept, and otherwise accommodate and grant special privileges to foreigners including "birth citizenship" should be modified or ended. Every visitor, "guest worker" or other non-citizen program must be subject to a valid justification, a limited stay, tracking and return or should not be allowed. Other nations should be billed for many of these costs, not US taxpayers. I believe a case could be made for a Class B citizenship category with few or no benefits or voting, where all those who could not show their lineage came legally would be placed, if not eligilble for deportation. All new citizenships granted would be Class B. Entry into Class A would be earned by demonstrations of allegiance to America, not by coming illegally, dropping a baby, government fiat or having a smart attorney. However, this should open up a whole new field for the latter. If you feel this is revolutionary, it is less so than the present mass invasion of foreigners or the real thing. As long as each catagory was treated equally within its class, this would not be discriminatory. Americans would like their country back with its primary role to defend US citizens, our culture and the Constitution. America is not a corporation, but a Nation, or should be, and not all decisions should be economic. Sufficient assimilation is not taking place with predictable effects upon traditional America. It has been wisely stated that "A man cannot serve two masters"--- neither can a country. Justin has a highly selective compassion that does not extend to the devastation caused by lax immigration policies affecting millions in many ways (including 9/11), or real concerns of US citizens and limited migrant advocates whom he labels as haters and bigots. When the law is applied to serious crimes, disruption of lifestyle is often the result and illegals have to bear the responsibility of their choices as should those who foster an expectation of benefits and normalization. The discipline of deportation is needed to control and deter illegals for the greater societal concern. Perhaps he would find more satisfaction as a social worker. He misconstrues my comparison of entry and speed limits as there was no intent on my part to imply they are equal, only that comparisons could be drawn. These ad hominem labels and attacks are not applicable to those who merely have a different view regarding the optimum rate of immigration. The latter display far more "human factor" compassion, responsibility and tolerance on balance than does any such narrow view, slur or behavior, whether practiced by individuals or the SPLC/Dees group. Many who are now called "hate groups" or "bigots" used to be known as Patriots. Lastly, it's not that solutions aren't available --- it's that vested interests won't accept them.

R.L. Ranger