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Dear Editor:
RL Ranger's letter equating enforcement of deportation with the enforcement of traffic laws shows that he like all of the cronies of FAIR are unable to recognize the human factor in immigration. Unlike RL, I am an immigration practitioner and I have seen the first hand devastation of families when one of the members of that family who has been here 30 years is picked up by the INS for being convicted of some misdemeanor, where more times than not the over worked public defender told them to plead guilty rather than fight, is thrown into detention with murderers and rapists while awaiting a removal hearing, and might be ultimately removed because the Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA) in there lack of any type of legal expertise has determined that this misdemeanor is a felony, and this individual is separated from his or her whole family and sent to a country with which he or she has no ties. That's a bit more than a traffic ticket in my eyes. But that opinion isn't a surprise since to them anyone who doesn't speak the kings English and isn't directly descended from someone on the Mayflower isn't worthy of this great land of theirs. It's funny to me that he says there was no "modern" law in this country when the Native Americans were here as if they did not have laws and a structured society. A fair and responsible immigration policy is needed in this country but people from FAIR are not the ones that can give it to us.

Chicago, IL