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U.S. Department
of State

Richard Boucher, Spokesman
Washington, DC
March 12, 2003


[ ... ]

QUESTION: And if you'll allow me, there are also reports of the U.S. willingness of granting some sort of immigration. I remember asking you about this before. But then again, some journalists are representing this again, and making statements from -- I mean, officials from the State Department saying that the U.S. is more willing now to get some sort of deal on immigration matters, like work programs or probably not amnesty but some sort of a legalization for Mexican workers in the United States. Is that true?

MR. BOUCHER: Well, as you remember from before -- maybe the other journalists don't -- but as you well remember, I said before and I will say again, that is not the context of our discussions with Mexico about the UN resolution. It is about the responsibility we all take on as Council members. So immigration obviously remains an important subject on the U.S.-Mexico agenda. I don't want to deny that we are ever going to do anything in that regard; in fact, we have been in touch with the Mexican Government every few months to talk about how to proceed on migration issues. And I think the Secretary himself has talked to you a little bit about that in some of the press conferences we had.

But that is an issue that needs to be handled between the United States and Mexico because it is important to us. As the U.S. and Mexico discuss what is going on in the Security Council, we discuss what is going on in the Security Council.

[ ... ]

MR. BOUCHER: All I can tell you is that every single conversation that I'm familiar with, with the Mexican Government about the issues at the United Nations has been a conversation about Iraq, has been a conversation about how to secure Iraqi disarmament and how to work with other Council Members to secure that disarmament.

QUESTION: So there's no immigration matters, no financial aid --

MR. BOUCHER: Not in any of the conversations that I'm familiar with.

QUESTION: -- nothing, zero dollars? Nothing?

MR. BOUCHER: Not in any of the conversations I'm familiar with.