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Dear Editor:
David Murray's letter suggests that we put to rest the ideological arguments and attempt to find a solution to illegal immigration. I, for one would love that, but the problem is that the ideological arguments by the liberals and the bigots and everyone in between, are not just being presented here on ILW.COM. These same arguments are being made in Congress and by powerful lobbying groups on both sides. If a real solution is to be reached, logical unbiased facts and numbers will have to rule the day and not the hatred or love in a personís heart. Unfortunately, I donít think that we are at that point in our country. We still put people to death even though the numbers say it doesnít stop crime. We still fail to recognize the systemic discrimination against women and minorities in our country even though the numbers and facts prove it exists. Our government denies global warming even though the numbers show that it is a fact. Our government wants to attack Iraq even though the facts show that there are bigger threats to us out there and the numbers show most people on this globe are against it. Anti-immigrant groups still want to end immigration even though the numbers show it is an important factor in our prosperity as a nation. This is a country full of people that decide what is "right" without caring what is true. Until we, as a people, can see the truth in a thing we will still have these ideologically based arguments and wonít reach the practical decision making stage. Additionally, I think that it is a duty of every good and intelligent person to point out bigotry and hate wherever it exists so that it can not hide and fester and cause more deep-rooted problems than this country already has.

Chicago, IL