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Dear Editor:
It is interesting that ideas get exchanged, and re-exchanged, in the ILW.COM Letters to the Editor column, but it appears nobody on any side of the issues is listening; only venting unwaiverable and unchanging points of view, in some cases exhibiting a lack of understanding of immigration law and the history of immigration law. Frankly, the discussion about illegal immigration on ILW.COM has become stale, and the discussions among a handful of contributors are becoming boring and repetitive. Since nobody has offered a viable solution, let's put this beleaguered discussion to rest, lest we all fall asleep. In a nutshell, it appears we have divided into several groups: First, there are the ultra liberal advocates of the premise "they are poor, but nice and deserving people, so let them all in". Second, there is the group that believes illegal immigration should have severe penalties and no rewards, and that legal immigration should be the only way to enter the US. Third, there are those who believe that legal immigration should be severely curtailed or abolished, because "there are jes' too many of them damn feriners a'comin to "our" country" - you know, the bigots (probably very WASP - but whose ancestors immigrated to the US just like people today want to, and probably for the same reasons) .Everyone knows who you are . . . the just plain close-the-Golden-Door advocates of anti-immigration (the "them and us" advocates) who use ILW.COM to vent their own personal fears and frustrations, for who knows what personal reasons. (Sigmund Freud may want to be consulted here.) Now, someone will undoubtedly point out that I have missed an ideological group of zealots, and I apologize for any denomination of opinion I have omitted. But enough already with this tired old diatribe of "viewmanship". I challenge all of you to begin working on ideas to accomplish "real world" solutions to US immigration problems - whatever your view may be - because so long as we have disparate economics on the Southern Border, we will have illegal immigration. That is an undeniable premise, based on the theories of "the carrot and the stick" and "build it and they will come". Quite simply, the US will continue to have illegal immigration unless a workable solution is achieved.

David D. Murray, Esq.
Newport Beach