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Dear Editor:
The subject of many letters to the editor has been a solution for the immigration problem. My own particular concern has been a solution for the immigration problem of the Mexican workers. I have written my opinions many times and am always considerate of the views of others. R.L. Ranger in his letter of March 10 wrote: "The solution now is to deport them [sic. the illegal aliens], not try to accommodate them [see www.deportaliens for details]." I searched the referenced web site for the details of a deportation plan in order to review it; but all I found was an article of instruction on " How to Report Illegal Aliens" (i.e. instructions on how to report individuals for deportation whom one may suspect are undocumented). I find it to be totally un-American to report for deportation someone unknown on the suspicion of that individual, perhaps, being in this country illegally. It is shameful. As a solution, it does absolutely nothing. It is about as productive as trying to capture the ocean by pouring pails of seawater down a hole in the sand. This is no plan. It inflicts unnecessary and cruel hardships on individuals who do not warrant such mistreatment. It reminds me, one who is old enough to remember, of Sen. Joseph McCarthy back in the 1950s who under the guise of his "Fight for America" ruined the careers of hundreds of innocent men by accusing them falsely of being associated with communism. This sleazy bully was so shameless that it prompted one defense lawyer at the Federal hearings to exclaim: "Have you no sense of decency, sir?"

Richard E. Baer