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Dear Editor:
RL Ranger's letter to the editor shows a lack of knowledge on the subject. He states that Native Americans were mostly nomadic so the European settlers somehow had a right to this land. That is a factually inaccurate statement at best and an outright fabrication at worst. The Native Americans were grouped in large highly organized tribes each of which had leaders who met with the leaders of other tribes in an attempt to manage all of the issues that arose. Sort of like the UN or our government. He also asks why the Mexicans or any other culture has the right to unlimited migration to the US. First, I am not for unlimited migration. But, I’d say that other people have the same moral right to migrate to the US as the original European settlers did. If RL feels the European settlers had an unfettered right to migrate to the US then I’d say other groups have the same right. If on the other hand, he admits that the Native Americans that were living here when the settlers showed up had the primary right to this land and that the Europeans unjustly stole this land from them and attempted to commit genocide by wiping all of them out and that the European settlers did not have an right to migrate here in unlimited numbers, I’ll agree with him, and agree that today, we need reasonable, non-discriminatory, limits on immigration. Also, what does it mean that immigrants that are here today are “cultural” threats. Whose culture? I know that my culture, inner-city Black man, is nothing like RL Ranger’s culture. America is made up of people all over the world. If he wants a monochromatic country he is in the wrong place.

Chicago, IL