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Dear Editor:
On my last letter I forgot to recognize Mr. Richard E. Baer's contribution to this great immigration portal. I appreciate his effort in making sense of our presence in the US as "civilized people". After watching a series of historic videos about the Native Americans it made me wonder why some people are so quick in raising their voice in criticizing those that come to "our land" in search of freedom and opportunity. Unless we are Native Americans, by just being here without their invitation, we are as guilty as the "illegal immigrants" that live here today. I honestly feel that my European ancestors invaded this land and took it from the Native Americans by force and I will always remember that. I believe, if Jesus Christ was living in America today and was asked about the "illegal immigrants", He would start writing on the sand the names of those who are here as the result of the massacre of the Native Americans, and raising His face would ask: "Those that are not living here by invitation of the Native Americans cast the first stone". We need to be law abiding people, but in terms of living in America the exception of the law is: Who came here first and has the legitimate right to be here? Those that are already in our soil has as much right to be here as I who is a descendent of Europeans that slaughtered the Native Americans and took advantage of the African slaves. I would gladly move back to Europe if everyone would agree to return "their land" back to the Native Americans and apologize for invading it. The issue of security is an issue of watching our borders and make sure that everyone that live in our soil today is here to work hard, raise their children and be the best they can be. The immigration system does not work properly in our country. If it did, people would wait their turn to come in here legally and there would be no surge of shortage on the labor market. People started jumping our borders because they heard that there were tons of unskilled job opportunities in the USA and not enough labors available and it became a supply and demand factor. This is the result of our nation's economic growth along the years as well as other world society factors. Anyone else involved in any activity harmful to our society, our justice system can deal with them . Back-breaking "illegal" workers are not a treat to our nation. Those that are working at least 40 hours per week for U$230.00 or less are not a treat, but are the ones that are keeping our cost of living at the level we have it today and bringing least expensive food to our table as well as other basic services. Without them the cost of living here would be much higher. Our nation has been taking advantage of the cheap labor since her existence and the ones that bring their tired hands has to be recognized in our society with legalization, otherwise we are abusing them and denying them their dignity as human beings despite the benefits they provide and we enjoy comfortably. In terms of who has the right to be here, you can not use one weight and one measure unless you are, as I said before, a Native American.


Immigration Daily: the news source for
legal professionals. Free! Join 35000+ readers
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