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Dear Editor:
I am always astonished how one succinct statement on my part can elicit a torrent of words in reply. I have no interest in entering into debate; I just want to make a few brief comments: The fact that all of the 9-11 terrorists were illegal aliens does not establish a correlation that all illegal aliens are terrorists. Interaction with immigrants means something more than observing someone busing a table, picking up refuse along a roadside, or shopping in the same supermarket. It means socializing with them. A person's circumstances may explain behavior that may seem to deserve reproach. (An old Indian saying: "Do not judge someone until you have walked a mile in his shoes " [moccasins].) Those of us who come from European ancestry have never experienced discrimination because of color or race. A solution presented in one letter for illegal immigration was deportation, and the web site,, was supplied for details but no details found.) The writer wrote that overly mixing of cultures results in chaos and infighting; and, that immigration is diluting America. In the 1940s, the Third Reich claimed that overly mixing of Jews, Gypsies, homosexuals, and non-conformists with the Germanic nation was destroying the Aryan race. They came up with a plan to remedy this, which they named The Final Solution. History renamed it The Holocaust. And finally: "engineered" can be defined as "manage skillfully". American Heritage dictionary defines the word also as: "To plan, manage and put through by contrivance [i.e. to plot with evil intent; scheme]. President Polk was not "skillfully" driving a locomotive down a railroad track during the Am-Mexican war; he was stealing half of the then Republic of Mexico.

Richard E. Baer