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Dear Editor:
When I see Tom Ridge and hear what he has to say, he don't inspire confidence in me. Our Attorney General doesn't fare much better either. I don't feel any more safe now than I did immediately after 9-11. To know that these two will now be in charge of INS (BCIS) does not give me hope. In these times, we need national ID. We need to identify, too, the millions of the undocumented in this country who we permit to live in the shadows not knowing who or where they are. In these times, I am not opposed to racial profiling. In these times, we need a source of safe labor supply. We need for it to be legally possible for that safe labor supply, especially unskilled workers, to be readily and easily available. And we need to protect their rights once they come here. The best source of a safe labor pool is our neighbor to the south, Mexico. For those who worry about the increasing numbers of undocumented immigrants from Mexico, most of them would in time return voluntarily to their own country were it not for the 3-10 year ban law. This is a bad law that serves no purpose. For the minority of Mexican immigrants who want to stay and become citizens, give them that opportunity. It must be an earned opportunity, however, an opportunity they earn by demonstrating good character, application, and an effort to learn English and be assimilated into our society. Throwing road blocks into their paths by preventing their acquiring legal identification, valid driver's licenses, etc. does not help. And how would we ourselves feel if our spouses or our children could be wrested and separated from us for years just because we lacked a proper paper?

Richard E. Baer