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Dear Editor:
Recently, there has been a heated debate by ILW.COM Letters to the Editor contributors over the issue of illegal immigration, pro and contra, emotion vs. logic. Well, it's really not that complicated. The New York Times recently ran two letters to the editor, which pretty well sum up the arguments, the pro (emotion). "To the Editor: Re "U.S. Crackdown Sets Off Unusual Rush to Canada" (front page, Feb. 25): Perhaps the US should send the Statue of Liberty to Canada, since the immigration officials there seem to be more familiar with Emma Lazarus's words than the officials here ... Leaving friends and belongings behind, [an immigrant family I know] from Pakistan once again became refugees "tempest-tossed" and "yearning to breathe free." Connie Anestis Bronx, Feb. 25, 2003". and the contra (logic) -- "To the Editor: There's a simple way to avoid the experiences being suffered by thousands of immigrants from Pakistan and other nations (front page, Feb. 25): Get a visa before you arrive; don't overstay your welcome; don't hide from the Immigration and Naturalization Service or other authorities; and pay your taxes. In short, don't break our laws. Stephen M. Weppner Bigfork, Mont., Feb. 25, 2003" . . . . . . Just what Emma Lazarus meant in her epic poem, we must leave to the conscience of each individual, and if we truly are a nation of law and not men, then perhaps in the end, logic will prevail.

David D. Murray, Esq.
Newport Beach, CA