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Dear Editor:
I must take exception to the misleading titles of some of the news items in ILW.COM. I speak particularly of the one titled: Photographing a bridge leads to terrorist label. If one did not read the article thoroughly one would conclude that owning and using a camera is what caused this man's problems. In fact, his actions prior to taking the pictures are the reasons for his present situation. Let's do a quick recap: he flunked out of flight school, (I would love to know how he had permission to work until Nov. of 99 since that permission is tied to a valid status which was lost when he flunked out), overstayed his status by years and had in his possession fraudulent immigration documents as well as fraudulent social security numbers (plural). On top of all that when he was questioned by INS officials he lied about where he lived. Please explain how we went from these actions on his part to the conclusion that taking the pictures lead to the terrorist label. It is so typical these days to automatically put the blame for everything on the government. Where does his individual responsibility come into play? I have to wonder, just what did this man expect to happen? He can't have been unaware of the laws he was violating and he also had to know that he fit the profile of people who were responsible for the terrorist attacks of 9/11. Whether you agree with profiling or not the fact remains that, so far, there has been a definite pattern in the characteristics of the people involved. Let's be honest, it wasn't taking the pictures that caused him to be labeled a potential terrorist. That may have been the activity that brought him to the attention of the INS officials (although we don't know that, do we?) but it is the rest of the criminal activities that he has been involved in that brought him to the point of deportation, as well it should.