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Dear Editor:
In response to Mr. Alexander's letter to the Editor, I wish that he would share the experiences of his grandparents with us. I bet they didnít make a million bucks straight off of the boat. I also bet that their English remained sketchy for a very long time after they learned it. If the Mexican folks in his neighborhood are driving SUV's I guess they are doing just fine (better than I am) and he has no reason to complain about them leaching off of anyone. Undocumented people can only receive emergency treatment at hospitals not regular care. This kind of emergency care is available to everyone without health insurance which includes millions of US citizens. There are also plenty of well educated Americans without jobs (ask people who worked for Arthur Andersen LLP) so I am not sure Mr. Alexanderís insistence on proper English is all that itís cracked up to be. I think Iíll go learn Espanűl.

In response to Mr. Prchalís letter, I am not sure that I would compare the Czech language, spoken by a very small percentage of the population of the world on a whole I am guessing, and Spanish, spoken by hundreds of millions of people around the world. Nevertheless, he has given me an interesting history lesson on the Czech language but I fail to see how that applies to Spanish. Spanish is spoken a bit differently by every country where it is the native language. I am sure that one canít be termed the correct way anymore. Perhaps one can say that a certain way is closer to the roots of the language but thatís it. Letís take English. Are the British the only ones that speak English properly making the US and the Aussies seem like uneducated serfs? I would hazard a guess that the answer would have to be no. How about just sticking within the US. Can you tell from someoneís accent that they are uneducated? Letís say I am from Texas. Does my southern twang equal a lack of education? Perhaps where Mr. Prchal is from, with a population of less than that of New York City, you can peg a personís education level in 10 minutes just from the way that they talk but that wouldnít hold true everywhere. Also, as far as Mr. Alexander's letter to the Editor referring to McDonaldís goes, who cares what the employees speak? They got the job didn't they? That's up to McDonald's management.

Chicago, IL

Immigration Daily: the news source for
legal professionals. Free! Join 35000+ readers
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