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WAIS Document Retrieval

[Congressional Record: February 12, 2003 (House)]
[Page H449-H454]
From the Congressional Record Online via GPO Access []


  The SPEAKER pro tempore (Mr. Pearce). Under the Speaker's announced 
policy of January 7, 2003, the gentleman from Colorado (Mr. McInnis) is 
recognized for 60 minutes.

[ ... ]

To take a man from Honduras, an immigrant that has worked his way up, realizing the American dream, going to college, getting his law degree, working in courts and working for the President of the United States, trying to advance an agenda that is vitally important to American people; but because he may have a name that is different than most, because he is a Hispanic, he is a danger to the left, and they are treating him as dangerous. Mr. Speaker, I think it is vitally important that we as Americans stand and support Miguel Estrada in his quest to serve on the D.C. Court of Appeals, and I would urge this House to stand up with Estrada on this evening, a very important evening for this country, and I thank the gentleman for yielding. Mr. McINNIS. Mr. Speaker, before the gentleman leaves, I would like to point out a couple of things about Mr. Estrada. First of all, the American Bar Association has given him the highest qualifications. These are the people that go in, regardless of race and economic status, they take a look at their legal qualifications. He is at the top of the book. He is at the top of the group. He is at the top. Second of all, I think it is very important some of the gentleman's remarks. He is a leader, a recognized leader in the Hispanic community. Why are they picking on him? They cannot pick on him because of substance. I think there is a double standard back here. The Democrats on one hand stand and say they feel strongly about the Hispanic community, but when the going gets tough, where are they to be found? It is people like my colleagues sitting over here that have enough guts to stand up when something is going wrong and say, how can you do this? Or the American Bar, which by the way is nonpartisan, has said he ranks at the very top. And here we have the Democrats taking on what is going to be the first opportunity for a Hispanic in the history of our country to be named into this position, and it is the Democrats who take one of the most highly qualified attorneys in this country, according to a bipartisan group, the American Bar Association, and are at this very moment seeking to destroy him. The gentleman's comments were well taken. I would be happy to yield back to the gentleman. Mr. DeLAY. Mr. Speaker, I appreciate the gentleman yielding. It is rather strange that it is okay to be Hispanic, but a person has to be Hispanic with a particular point of view. In this country, can my colleague imagine that a person has to be a Hispanic that only believes one way, that only believes the way that the left would have them believe, that is only controlled by the left? But to have somebody that has brought himself up from poverty and present himself to the United States for a very important prestigious appointment, to have to kowtow to the control of the left because he may not think the same way they do, that he may not believe in the same things that they do, is just outrageous, and the American people need to see what is going on here in this town tonight. They need to understand what is going on in this town tonight, and they need to reject those that would reject Miguel Estrada.

[ ... ]

Mr. Speaker, I thought long and hard before I came over here to the House floor tonight. My comments are coming from the depth of my heart of which I feel very very strongly about. I want to go through a couple of things with all of my colleagues this evening because I know most of them feel the same way I do. They understand our job responsibilities to the American people, our job responsibilities not only to the American people, but to the world. As the President said in his State of the Union address, freedom is not just a gift to America, freedom is a gift to all humanity; and this Nation leads the world and has led the world throughout its history, throughout the history of this Nation as the one who carries the banner of freedom, as the one who has the ability and not just the ability, excuse me, but has the courage, the profound courage, to stand up for other countries that are not as fortunate. It is the United States of America that today, when we match it against any country in the history of the world, not just the history of the United States, but any country in the history of the world, it is the United States of America that has gone to arms more often than any other country to defend another country. It is the United States of America that goes to military assistance; not to conquer, the United States did not go out and attempt to conquer other countries. That is not our mission in this life. Our mission is to go out and allow freedom to spread throughout this world. It is the United States of America that today, if we take a look at all the food assistance in the world, it is the U.S.A. that provides 60 percent of it. It is the U.S.A. that provides more educational opportunities than any other nation in the world. It is the United States of America that provides more medicine to other countries than any other country in the world. It is the United States of America that allows more opportunities to immigrants than any other country in the world. There is a reason that in the United States of America we have problems with immigration. Do my colleagues know why? Because of the fact we do not have any lining up to get out of this country. We have people lining up by the hundreds of thousands that want to come into this country, the country of great promise, but this country only achieved this position of strength through a position of commitment. That is when we see something wrong going on, either against our citizens or against the citizens of our friends, we must take a position. We must stand up. In part, nobody else has the capability to do it. Then sometimes when, as the case that I am going to go through with my colleagues in some detail tonight, there are other countries that have the capability to stand up and do it, but they will not stand up. When the going [[Page H451]]

[ ... ]

____________________ [ End ]