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Dear Editor:
In response to Ali Alexander's very scathing view of immigrants, I must suggest some form of ignorance permiates this mans mind and heart. Is it truly necessary that the obvious be pointed out? We are all very aware that not all immigrants can manage to live on the resources they are supplied by their less than honest employers. Lets just get real about immigration, it exists and will not go away. Without immigration and undocumented aliens, the US would not function remotely close to the manner in which it is accustomed. As for California being in debt, perhaps a view to the Federal government spending may be somewhat more appealing to him. Point in fact: since 9/11, the government of the US has ramped spending into the trillions, depleting medicare and social security resources which at the end of the day will affect every American. With some form of understanding and compassion, this immigration stalemate could be solved. However, the issue is far too emotional for some who chose to overlook the fact that every person that is working illegally, is doing so for an employer supplying him/her a job (the obvious again: at a much lower rate of pay and without any benefits or retirement plans). Now, I wonder who is really at fault regarding the debt problems created by illegals? Take into consideration that the individual States and the INS continue to encourage the employers to utilize these aliens regardless of enforcement or lack thereof. That said, I believe the concept of ILW.COM was to discuss pertinent laws and how they affect practices and practitioners, not which immigrants have burdened the USA.

Gail Wilson