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Dear Editor:
I have been following Ali Alexander's tirade of misinformation, and his sanctimonious ranting and bigoted opinion in ILW.COM letters to the editor for quite some time now, and finally feel the need to reply because he has now gone too far with his opinion. It appears from Mr. Alexander's letters that he feels that the ills of America are borne on the backs of illegal immigrants and that in particular, the budget crisis in the State of California, with a population of more than fifty million people, and as a state of nearly 50 million people (and only an estimated 2 million illegal), having the sixth largest gross domestic product in the world, is the fault of illegal immigration. In fact, sad as it may be, California owes its economic success, in large part, to the strong backs and high work ethics of Mexican illegals, who are routinely taken advantage of by unscrupulous farm owners and contractors. Mr. Alexander most likely does not live in California, most likely has never met an illegal alien, at least none form whom he has had the respect of human decency. While blaming the ills of America on illegal aliens - a quantum leap in ignorance, he fails to recognize that it is greedy politicians who cannot manage their way out of a wet paper bag, much less run a democratic government, and greedy, unconscionable corporate executives, living in ten multi-million dollar houses scattered throughout the world, who are to blame for the mess America is in - not illegal immigrants who have no voice in the system. Mr. Ali's letters should get the facts straight. His misinformation reminds me of the same radical garbage that was spewed by anti-immigrant hate groups in San Diego in the 1970's. It was proven not to be true then, and it is not true now.

David D. Murray, Esq.
Newport Beach, CA