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Dear Editor:
I am somewhat disturbed by recent postings likening INS officers' behavior [during NSEERS registration] to that of Nazi activities and other fascist/non-democratic groups. I recall one or two espousing this rhetoric were ostensibly reputable immigration attorneys. As is commonly known, the INS can be quite frustrating to stakeholders, the immigrant community and even its own employees at times as evidenced by unprofessional demeanors exhibited by a select few (certainly not a majority of INS officers, reasonable observers would agree). However, the postings in question do not directly address individual instances by individual officers; had this been the case, the attorney might simply have reported this to an INS officer's superior instead of delving into spurious and spiteful rhetoric on ILW.COM. What is most disturbing is that the postings seemed to indict, in ad homenym fashion, the registration process as a whole solely through portraying INS officers as goose-stepping thugs and not on the legal merits of registration, as might be expected of reasonable minded advocates normally posting thoughts on ILW.COM. Perhaps this attorney might compare treatment of arriving aliens at foreign ports of entry (i.e, Frankfurt Am-Main, replete with German shephards and Mp-5 submachine gun treatment or Karchi Int'l..) with that of those in the US. No comparison, I assure you.

Chicago, IL