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Dear Editor:
I am writing in response to Mr. Alexander. As far as the education that is needed to make a decent living today compared to the education in the 50ís that depends on what one thinks a decent living. This is America. The land of the free and all of that, at least in theory. Not everyone needs to drive an SUV to enjoy their life. Some people are happy with much less. Additionally, the argument about voting ballots in different languages is a bit of a red herring. First, only citizens can vote so that argument has nothing to do with permanent residents. Second, even the INS does not require every candidate for citizenship to know English. That requirement can be waived for various reasons. Those people still have a right to vote do they not? Or does his letter suggest that not all citizens should have the right to vote or that the INS should not waive the language requirement for the elderly or infirm? Mr. Alexander's letter also states that his grandparents learned English because they wanted to and had to. Mr. Alexander's letter was originally railing against the immigrants who were uneducated and didnít speak proper English or even Spanish. Proper for which country- Spain, Argentina, Mexico? They all speak different dialects of Spanish. Proper English for which region of the US? People in the South speak a different variety of English than people in the North. People on the South side of Chicago speak a different variety of English from the people on the North side. Now, I also didnít hear him say that his grandparents spoke English as taught by a professor at Harvard. I just heard him say that they learned English. This is certainly not the standard that he is holding current immigrants up against. I wonder what his grandparents would measure up to his requirements. He also seems to be implying that current immigrants do not want to learn English. How does he know this I wonder?

Chicago, IL