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Dear Editor:
In response to Ali's letter , if these people being "imported" can't support themselves or their families, they must be making that often deadly trip crossing the border only to become vagabonds then because every undocumented I know does a pretty good job supporting himself and his family. Especially without the benefits Americans are granted. I haven't seen an undocumented with a health plan or 401K yet. Every undocumented I know, Central Americans at least, maintains at least two jobs, not only supporting theirself and/or their family, but their family back in their native country too.

Amen to Richard E. Baer's letter. What you've written is all too true. How would you readers like it if you had to be separated from you spouse for more than 10 years? Well, that's what our government does to any US citizen who is married to an undocumented immigrant who only wants to become legal here. And 10 years is only the penalty for being here illegally, not to mention the years long waiting list to immigrate here legally after that. And you wonder why starving people come here illegally. Or why spouses stay here illegally. Hath not an undocumented eyes, etc.? Is the love any less that what it would be between two Americans? Apparently, it's worth less to to our government. It reminds me of US slavery days when white-black unions were illegal. Only now, they remove the "inferior" party from the country.