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Dear Editor:
I would like to comment on the Editorís Comment in the 2/05/03 issue and let me tell you first that I am an alien, staying in the US on an E2 non-immigrant visa. I think this time you are failing to be neutral and let me get straight to the point why, in my view, I think so.

1.The law is the law. Sure, to me some of your laws in the US, or your States, are still located in Victorian Cloud Cuckoo Land and need to be adjusted to reality but that is Congress's responsibility and business. Don't blame the executer of the current law or in philosophical terms" don't shoot the messenger"! Like I read in one of your readerís letters, - INS is killing people by not granting visa to nurses. That is just disqualifying primitive rhetoric to me and an insult to all those who are working hard at the INS to get their jobs done in accordance with the law. 2. Illegal Aliens are illegal aliens. Making them legal, semi-legal, semi-heroes or an absolute necessary part of the US economy is an attempt of taking the issue into the emotional field of inadmissible evidence. Other countries do very well without any immigrants, not to speak about illegal once. How can anyone justify that an E2 Non-Immigrant invests $200,000 into this countries economy and maintains this business, renews the visa frequently, when others just come and stay in this country illegal and after a while get pardoned and a green card. I regard such actions, and calls for such actions, an insult to all of the legal non-immigrants, who are trying to do their best to maintain proper status. 3. Round up Usually, intelligent and considerate people give others a chance of showing their abilities and their intentions before they make judgments. The DHS has a huge task in front of them with just getting organized. Try to help them rather then attacking them. For keeping terrorists out of this country the DHS has only two lines of defense, the inspectors at the ports of entry and the appropriate agencies and prosecutors for those who slipped through the first line of defense, legally or illegally. Once the DHS is organized, I would indeed very much appreciate if they would enforce the law to the greatest extent, including the round up of illegal aliens. But still, this could be done in various different ways. Were I to head it, I would give every illegal alien a chance to get out of the country until a certain date. By doing so I would give them a clear record and the possibility to immediately apply for non-immigrant visa. If they are really so important to the US economy and/or their employers, they will get it. After such date I would vigorously enforce the law and round up everyone else who elected to stay and remain illegal as I would regard those as the once who have something to hide. However, this is just my version, - so, why do we not wait until we see which path the DHS will take and then comment.

As for the Editorís comments, in principal, I think the greatest problem in all of the pro immigration arguments is the setting aside of the current status of this country. To me, you are a country but not a nation. You came and come here from all over the world. You have an enormous number of people who live below poverty line. What about those versus illegal immigrants? I honestly believe that this country requires a big reduction in immigration and instead of immigration needs to concentrate on integration, education and consolidation of those who are already here and by now US citizens. Deny large companies H1B visas and force them to train their own workforce, in house, namely US citizens. Make this country being and not just saying, we are a nation. Maybe this way you would also get away from being world champion in filing law suits against each other and talk and settle before going to court. I hope I provided some food for thoughts, not just for the Editor.

Dieter Maschewsky
Cape Coral, FL