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Dear Editor:
Mr. Murray is correct--English is not the "official" language of the US. It is, however, the de facto language of the US, and is also becoming an official world language for doing business. Having taught overseas for several years at English-language universities, I can assure him that students in much of the nonSpanish speaking world are not flocking to Spanish classes, and do not think that learning Spanish will help their career advancement. They choose English. I am also unaware of any college or university in the US where the bulk of the curriculum is in a language other than English, with the possible exception of Galludet University. So, students who wish to further their education or enter the professions here will simply need to learn English, and learn it well enough to compete academically. Or, major in "Latin American Studies" rather than preparing for med school or law school. The fact remains: Hispanics are a minority in the US, and even many of those do not speak Spanish. Many of those who do speak Spanish do not speak "educated" Spanish, and are not even literate in that language. Then there's the little matter of the other, nonHispanic immigrants to this country, who comprise more than half of all immigrants and half of all illegal aliens. Do you really think they're going to bother learning both Spanish and English? As I've said previously, Americans are learning some Spanish--enough to supervise nonEnglish speaking employees or to sell soap to immigrants. But to become the supervisor or the marketer in the larger society, outside their own communities, immigrants will simply need to learn English, as they've always done.

Ali Alexander