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Dear Editor:
In his recent letter, while factually correct on the issue , Ali Alexander does not take into account that English is not the official language of the US. In fact, the good old English speaking US, with its 350,000,000 some English speakers, does not have an official language, as do many other countries of the world. The "English only" dilemma will not be resolved until Congress resolves it by law. Of course to do this will step on the cultural toes of many minorities, Hispanics mainly, who will adamantly oppose any such law. Our country may be "of the people, by the people and for the people", but the question is - what people? - all the people? - WASPs? - Latinos? - Chinese? - the minority having the largest majority of the minorities? - the minority with the most votes? - or the most money, or the most Anglo? - raising the issue of who is an American anyway, in this melting pot of ours? All will agree, we must have a language in which to conduct public education, business and governmental affairs, and Esperanto met its fateful demise years ago, so why not English? Or should we let the tail wag the dog on the language issue? Some would have it that way, under the disguise of preserving cultural heritage. Well, then, I vote for the language of my maternal ancestors - Czech it is then.

David D. Murray, Esq.
Newport Beach, CA