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Dear Editor:
I write in response to the letter of Giuseppe (Joe) Scagliarini, Esq. Newport, RI, which has lost some perspective. The episode he refers to in "A Firsthand Account Of A Special Registration Experience" is bad. It is reminiscent of Austro-Hungarian bureaucratic foul-ups or Swiss border guards. It is embarrassing to me as a naturalized American. It is not, however "reminiscent of European Nazi and Fascist special police squads". It doesn't even rise to the level of what too many Guatemalans face at the Mexican border. If incidents like this are what Nazism was all about, then maybe we should have let the Fascists wipe out the Soviet Union before we committed troops to Western Europe. Nazism and Fascism meant that the officers would not just seize documents they have a right to seize, hand out inappropriate forms and make "scary eyes." They were about theft, expulsion and murder carried out as a national priority. If this were even "mere" fascism, scary eyes would be the least of the woman's worries and the "ethnic lobbies" Ali Alexander worries about would not just be irritating, one would have seized government and criminalized most of the rest. This, by contrast, seems to be simply the confluence of bureaucratic overload and the new emphasis on policing immigration violations. It makes it more irritating for immigrants like my wife to travel but it does not make us stop traveling. Remember, after all, the woman's husband was released on his own recognizance.

Honza J. F. Prchal, Esq.,
Birmingham, AL