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Dear Editor:
Amen and kudos to Dave Anderson, Giuseppe Scagliarini, Richard Baer, and to Justin. Chucky is wrong on both his counts. I am a typical American not in denial of our mixed heritage like so many others, mine includes turn of the century immigrant Sicilians, Cherokee, English, French, Welsh, among God knows what else and being an American: I know there's more. Try a better comeback, like one that could deny my facts stated (or would that require a dictionary?). Anyone with a heart and a belief in God would back a loophole in an unjust system that would save countless lives by allowing them a chance to enter & survive in a country made rich mostly off the backs of the people they enslaved and stole land from in the first place. This "amnesty" you call is given to the same people that lived on this land before our govenrnment did (the indigenous).

In response to Ali's letter of 1/31: what skills and education does one need to succeed in America? There are citizens here with college educations that have the same type of jobs as illegal immigrants. Why? Because in America, it is not what you know, it is who you know. What exorbitant medical costs do we have when illegals cannot obtain medical benefits? What illegals are being trained and educated because of their illiteracy in English? What for? To be a janitor or cook? Half the time English is not even needed in their profession. To communicate with whom when they're usually isolated from English speakers in these positions? And who is the correspondent to say they are illiterate in their own languages. They learn English faster than a typical American can learn a foreign language. The typical American usually just knows English, only touching upon a foreign language in high school or college, while most foreigners have not one national language, but two, three, or more that they learn while in elementary school. But these are our uneducated burdens? Come again.