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U.S. Department of State

Daily Press Briefing
Richard Boucher, Spokesman
Washington, DC
January 23, 2003

[ ... ]

QUESTION:  From time to time, the State Department and the Homeland Security had warned Americans of possible terrorist attacks, especially since 9/11.  And also, you have expressed your concern of -- for this situation to happen the closer the possibility of a war with Iraq, you know, gets even closer. 

Mexican officials were here this week talking to Mr. Tom Ridge, and they were talking about security in the border and other issues, immigration.  But I also understand that they talk about intelligence and for what I understand, the U.S. had asked the Mexican Government to remain vigilant for possible attacks there against U.S. interests or U.S. citizens considering how popular is Mexico for -- I mean for American tourists. 

Do we know anything about this?  Can you tell me about it a little bit?

MR. BOUCHER:  I'm not the spokesman for Tom Ridge.

QUESTION:  I understand, but this is something that concerns the United States Government.

MR. BOUCHER:  And I don't talk about intelligence.  What I would tell you is that security cooperation with our neighbors is very important to us.  And when the Secretary talked to Foreign Secretary Derbez, they talked about migration and security issues and how to make sure that we helped each other in being secure.  So that's been an active area of cooperation with our neighbors, with Canada and with Mexico. 

If we had any specific warnings about attacks against Americans that we could not counter, we would put out public statements.  But we also cooperate with authorities in other countries, particularly with our neighbors, to make sure those kind of problems don't occur.

[ ... ]

[ End ]