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Dear Editor:
In his latest news article on his proposed point system, Gary Endelman writes why, in his opinion, blanket amnesty will not work. At the opposite swing of the pendulum one can state that neither will mass deportation work. It is not doable. The point system is a plausible alternative to both. However, I think that the simpliest solution to the undocumented immigration problem is the proposal of President Bush that "willing workers should be united with willing employers". (If only he would do something about it.) I also believe that spouses (of any nationality), once married to an American citizen or legal resident, should be granted immediate union in this country with their wedded partners once they pass a proper background check . How would you or I feel if after going to the court house with a partner and after filling out a marriage application, the clerk would respond: "This is all well and good. I will grant you a permit for marriage but you will have to live apart for the next ten years while we decide officially whether this would be an enduring relationship or not." I would even extend the above concept to persons of the same sex who can prove a long term relationship and one of the two should happen to be an alien. (Now that will be controversial.) Furthermore, I, as an individual or owner of a small business, should be able to hire any person I wish regardless of lack of documentation. I should be possible for me to be granted documentation for my employee with my furnishing proof of his/her passing of a proper background check together with an affidavit from me of responsibility and support. As a further example of my viewpoint: If I as an American citizen should wish to employ a domestic or a care taker , I should be able to hire that person with whom I would be most comfortable in my home and whom in my opinion will best do the job for me; rather than hire someone with whom I would be unhappy and dissatisfied, just to fulfill some government requirement on employment and citizenship. This is uniting "a willing employer with a willing emloyee" like the president advocates. After all, the constitution guarantees each and everyone of us the right to the pursuit of happiness. I have just as much right to pursue happiness as any other citizen.

Richard E. Baer

Immigration Daily: the news source for
legal professionals. Free! Join 35000+ readers
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