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Dear Editor:
Dr. Baer yet again forgets that there are immigrants in the world other than those from Mexico. Mr. Endelman's proposal did not, as I recall, allow only the legalization of the roughly half of illegal immigrants who are Hispanic or Mexican--it included all illegal immigrants, including the many who are here from Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. A large number of people in those areas do have the values I mentioned. And while female circumcision may not be a practice of Mexico, does Dr. Baer really claim that a "traditional" perspective on the roles of women, particularly among the large lower class in Mexico, does not play a role in the high birth rate and lack of interest and access to educational and career opportunities for women? A phenomenon which may well explain, at least in part, why Latinas have the highest high school drop out rate in the US, and why their rate of pregnancy is increasing while others decrease. Or a role in domestic violence among Hispanics, and even among highly educated South Asians in the US? Nor did Mr. Endelman restrict his proposal for admitting unskilled, uneducated legal immigrants in the future to only those from Mexico. Is Dr. Baer really equating female circumcision, a practice which results in the lifelong loss of sexual pleasure for women, and often mutilation and even death, with piercing and tatoos? His is precisely the "traditional" view of women we should be concerned about importing more of.

Ali Alexander