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Dear Editor:
Whether one agrees with the article or not, Gary Endelman's essay, A Point System for Legalizing Undocumented Workers, was clearly written and understandable. However, when I finished reading yesterday's letters of reply, my brain was in a mental fog. Just what were they saying? I get lost in the sea of acronyms such as "212(a)(9)(c)" the "double temporary requirement of the H-1A and H-1B" and the "H-2B cap". That is why I appreciate Mr. Endelman's articles so much. Of the many, many undocumented Mexican workers I know, I have yet to encounter one who advocates female circumcision, bride buying, or slavery. Mexican culture is a model of family values. A minority in our nativist population already practices tattooing and body piercing (including such sites as the tongue, nipples, navel and both male and female sexual organs). Hopefully, these vices will never spread to our Hispanic population. Of all of the proposed solutions to the undocumented Mexican worker problem, I believe that the President's is best: "We need to find a way to unite [undocumented] willing workers with willing employers". Perhaps Gary Endelmen"s proposal with some modifications is that way.

Richard E. Baer