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Dear Editor:
I sadly disagree with Panravee Vongjaroenrat's assertion in the 1-15-2003 issue of Immigration Daily that people with ties to terrorist groups are unlikely to rush to register. If the recent history of Immigration Canada is any indication, truth is truly stranger than fiction and terrorists have been registering AS terrorists in order to enhance their odds of their acceptance into the Dominion and it has made sense to do so. I am not making this up. For a recent article on the practice, see The National Post of Thursday, January 9, Mark Stein, "Terrorist Class Immigrants", which discusses the practice and refers to a previous article on it way back in 1999. (One can see more evidence of the practice showing up in Canada's late 1990s trial of the Air India Bombers, who stressed they were Sikh militants in their immigration applications.) The Post article makes for tragicomic reading. I would also like to apologize to those readers who may have been left with the impression that I advocate police state tactics in my letter in the 1-14-03 issue. My point was only that registration is required by states with serious security concerns, like police states and states at war. Just because the police states are evil and states at war may be paranoid does not mean they are always stupid. Unfortunately, they are often highly effective. Therefore registration should not be dismissed out of hand as stupid. Like any public policy it has costs and benefits, including costs to human dignity. These should be weighed. Dismissing the policy out of hand gives its proponents a free ride because they do not have to respond to a thoughtful critique.

Honza J. F. Prchal
Birmingham, AL