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Dear Editor:
Regarding the two letters to the editor of Jan. 13th, the first is from an obvious disgruntled immigrant (Angie), who can only view momentous events as they may effect her world, criticizing the most generous policies in the world as unjust and the War on Terrorism as a War on Immigrants, a narrow perspective indeed. In the second, it's rewarding to find some areas of agreement with David Murray, although we may differ some on the definition of a "more balanced editorial posture". He discourages "proactive preaching" and "over-editorializing" on either "the left or the right". If we may use these terms for lack of better, my thrust was that ILW.COM's perspective was too narrow to the "left" with a "what's in it for immigration attorneys" theme, ignoring other legitimate concerns. Of course, Murray is right in that each is entitled to express opinions in their own manner. But then perhaps that's why we need more than one or several to find the truth. Murray expands the topic in mentioning the additional problem of the "exodus of U.S. manufacturing overseas". But I believe he errs in using this to deflect any criticism of our lax immigration and border policies with his statement,"immigration is not the problem". Both are huge problems. For example, see Rep. Tancredo's statement of this crisis at: It would certainly be unfair to expect ILW.COM to carry all the other views, but at the same time, a complete, balanced view of this complex problem will not be achieved unless some of them are considered and not ignored or dismissed as "right wing" rant. Presuming one is interested in learning the truth, such a study would eventually reveal why the term "xenophobia" or "xenophobe" is so often heard or read in the media and the more common condition of "xenomania" is never seen or heard.

Mr. R. L. Ranger