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Dear Editor:
In response to yesterday's letters to the Editor (Jan.9, 2003): there are no "justified reasons behind new and proposed laws" except Nazism. You would not "do a service to your readers by eliminating the sarcasm and extreme liberal ideas in your editorial comments" because they are not such, they are the simple, undenial truth and help us readers who are suffering the consequences of them to let us know that there are still sane people in America who can see clearly in the midst of this "War on Terrorism AKA War on Immigrants". I agree it would definitely be hilarious that a terrorist would register himself. Yes, there are obvious reasons for registration: deportation and/or imprisonment. If they were so concerned about security, why have they been letting illegals work, live, and obtain driver's licenses/ID's here for God knows how many years and now because of 9/11, they can no longer obtain licenses/ID's, but they know they are still here and will always be here as long as there is poverty, hunger, unemployment, and homelessnessin the world and better opportunity elsewhere. As for the other comment from 1/9: "no process is ever perfect from its inception", regarding national security. You're right, because there never was an inception. Why would so many employers hire illegals knowingly with false socials and green cards? Why would the ITIN exist? The individual taxpayer idenitification number. For years, illegals can pay their taxes with this number and no social security. Has the IRS ever turned over information about these individuals to the INS? No, because there are several other government agencies (including the DMV, pre 9/11) who know that these people exist and surely the INS does too, but they have turned a deaf ear because they know it is a situation that will never go away. People will not stay in their country and let their families starve if they can enter another country for work. I know many anti-immigration Americans deny they would do the same, but let the shoe be on the other foot and it would be a whole other story. If you doubt my knowledge, it is firsthand. As for the other letter to the editor on the same day: amnesty should be granted because as far as I'm concerned, there was never a law broken. It was fine for the immigration influx at the turn of the century on Ellis Island - they weren't considered illegals, it was fine for the colonists who entered the country illegally as far as the disregarded laws of various indigenous tribes were concerned, but they weren't considered illegals and are now the governing body of our country today endorsing these same laws. As for the response to the individual who asked when there will be justice for those people who follow the rules yet wait years to get their families here. Yes, I have an answer: never, as long as American immigration laws remain so unconcerned about human welfare and the dividing of families that they take so many years to implement because of the theory that it is a golden privilege to remain in this country. While other countries don't have nearly as long a wait or such immigration bureaucracy as this country. As for the "I seriously doubt that a US worker would turn down a job such as the airport worker who was recently arrested for using false documents. I know many people who would love to make the salary she was making". One example of an illegal with a decent job and it is made to look as it represents the millions of others here who are only permitted to do menial work because of their illegal status. Yes, illegal aliens do take jobs that most US workers don't because they are accustomed to that type of hard work ethic in their former countries where their job does not define them like it does here. It is a means of survival, for US workers: it defines a person's being. Also, illegals have no labor protection here as US workers do. Based on first hand experience, they can be made to work extremely long hours, they can be paid incorrectly/insufficiently or unpaid for done work, they can be regulated by rules that don't apply to US workers, amongst countless other injustices, all the while keeping quiet because they have nowhere to complain to like US workers. So, my response to the "do we see a pattern here"? Yes: a pattern of incessant injustice.