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Dear Editor:
The January 9th comments by L.L. and Kendra L. Bunn urging a more balanced editorial posture are appropriate and even overdue. Your recent reference to the "Fortress America" people and continual myopic urgings of limitless numbers of immigrants seemingly oblivious to the many social and dollar costs and valid security concerns are typical examples. Those alarmed about the security and safety of America as relates to lax immigration and border policies cannot be so summarily dismissed as is done by your erudite manner and may well display superior motives than bottom-line benefit. The logic relating to the futility and unfairness of continual amnesties or a program disguised as an amnesty, is beyond reproach. Any guest worker program must be strictly controlled and regulated and that guest must at some point leave and return, otherwise a fraud is imposed. A "guest" who visited your home and never left is not really a guest, but a resident. And no program relating to immigration can be successful until our air, sea and land borders are fully secured and visitors tightly monitored as some will find a way to exploit any border or program not so controlled. And contrary to your oft-heard comment, such restrictions need not be overly burdensome to citizens, but can be primarily applicable to non-citizens. Your "facts and figures" that seem to indicate that we have a need for more foreign workers may have some validity only because Americans are over-taxed which tends to restrict family size. The proper solution to this is to reduce government spending to proper, limited purposes and to allow families to keep more of their incomes and jobs that pay a livable wage, not to invite huge numbers of the world's workers who are accustomed to a lower standard of living to displace workers here because they may work for less. The long term effects of this are disastrous, at least to most Americans.

R. L. Ranger