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Dear Editor:
In her letter to the Editor, Kendra Bunn writes that ILW.COM would do a service to its readers by eliminating the "extreme liberal ideas" in its editorial comments. I must have missed something. The comment that Ms. Bunn finds so distasteful amounts to nothing more than a criticism of one of the stated purposes of special registration. How such criticism can be branded as being "extreme liberal" is more than a bit perplexing. The special registration program and the manner in which it has been implemented can be equally despised by conservatives, liberals, and civil libertarians alike. I'll make it plain for Ms. Bunn: you don't have to be a flaming liberal to look at what happened in Los Angeles with disgust. Of course, I'll certainly keep Ms. Bunn's comments in mind if any of my clients with pending adjustment applications wind up handcuffed and detained. I'll simply tell them (or, more likely, their relatives) that there are "obvious reasons" for special registration and that I better not hear them "ridiculing" our government's attempts to improve security. I'll tell them to cool their heels because, as everyone knows, "no process is ever perfect from its inception." I'm sure they'll understand.

Joseph Kranyak
Bruce A. Hake, P.C., Damascus, Maryland