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Dear Editor:
I have noticed that many of the letters you published which favor the more "restrictionist" view of immigration are anonymous. This is just my own personal observations and not a scientific sampling. I acknowledge the value of anonymous letters. There was even a debate within the past year on ILW.COM regarding that. However, to those who feel the same way as I do on immigration, it is my opinion that in order to push our side of the debate vigorously and credibly, we should have the courage of our conviction and be proud to include our names. The other side is certainly not timid in including their names in their letters, and in fact, seem do so with enthusiasm. My theory is that some of us on the so-called restrictionist side have bought into the labels pinned upon us by the p.c. thought police such as "intolerant", "racist", "cruel", etc. Thus, we feel guilty when expressing our opinions in a public forum such as here. These labels are manifestly unfair and are simply tactics to obfuscate true debate of ideas. One can be in favor of legal immigration and yet be against illegal immigration at the same time. Let's assert our belief bravely with no fear, as only with an honest discussion of ideas will the immigration system be improved.

Liem Doan, Esq.